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100% Payout to you or your firm.  



Outplacement Services for Clients

Clients restructuring? Mergers and Acquisition?  Offer Outplacement services. Your referral is worth 10% of the client contract. You do nothing. This is a wonderful way to increase your income by offering additional human resources services, while focusing on your business: Recruiting

Outplacement Services for Individuals

Most recruiters place a small percentage of the people that they recruit. Offer outplacement services. The services help those who are unlikely to be placed by you.

Your referral is worth 10% of the client contract. You do nothing. Increase your income, while focusing on the people you can place




Recruiting Process Management

Do you have clients that are growing, and require inside recruiting assistance? Offer recruiting process management to your clients. You are paid on the entire contract, whether you place the candidates or not. 10% of the contract. Not bad for doing nothing, plus make extra money by filling openings. As the referring firm, you choose what positions to cover. 

Recruiter Information

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