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High Touch Recruiting

High Touch Recruiting

You may have heard of High Touch Recruiting- you may have been taught "high touch" methods. 

Barbara Goldman created High Touch Recruiting. Developed it, trademarked it, and has trained corporate and third-party recruiters to utilize the system. Over the past 20 years, it has grown and developed. 


High Touch Recruiting members adhere to a high touch behavioral style of interviewing and attracting candidates.

Members have the ability to offer:

      Executive Outplacement

      Executive Leadership Coaching

      Career Coaching

Adding additional services provides stability to your recruiting practice. 

This is free to approved members.

Without additional effort, you will be able to tap into three markets worth a total in the US of 

People need people. Recruiting is a hard profession. It's worth it. High Touch Recruiting® helps you recharge, refocus, and build. A high ticket sale like recruiting fees requires a great deal of strategy to execute. 

Your ability to emotionally handle the ups and downs is critical to your success. We help you with the mind game, overcome the loop in your head, and find joy in your chosen profession.  

It started in early 2001. 

With the money earned from a successful recruiting career, Barbara opened a recruiting office focused on pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and biotech. 

With four new recruiters to train and a hot market, job orders were abundant. When job orders are easy to write, it's a hot candidate's market. Candidates routinely had multiple offers to consider. Clients tried on their own to present the offers, everyone was struggling to hire. 

The company couldn't afford to lose one placement, let alone 5 in a single month. 

That's when High Touch Recruiting was born. HTR is a system of interviewing and closing candidates. High Touch Recruiting also includes Offer Reconstruction, which is closing the hire after the candidate has turned down the offer. 

In addition, High Touch Recruiting expands a recruiter's ability to earn by providing passive income. Offerings such as corporate outplacement, executive coaching, candidate interview prep, and offer reconstruction; enable the independent recruiter to enjoy multiple streams of income.  

Join High Touch Recruiting

Free membership for approved recruiters.  

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