Recruiter Active and Passive Income

Corporate Solutions 


At some point, most companies turn to recruiters when faced with executive, technical,  and hard to fill openings. High Touch Recruiting provides centralized and managed recruiting solutions. High Touch Recruiting members have the ability to offer solutions beyond individual placements to their clients. 

Executive   |   Technical 
Multiple Firms 
|  Streamlined Recruiting Management 

Search Assignments 

High Touch Recruiting engages with members to fill client search assignments. Members receive 100 percent of the fee. We use the High Touch Recruiting process, which assures quality control for our clients. The assignments are managed and controlled. The recruiters receive feedback and cooperation necessary for a successful outcome. 

Multiple Openings  |   Managed Process
|   Recruiter Controlled

Good economies and bad economies require outplacement services. Business changes, and technology advances. When faced with the necessity of termination, High Touch Recruiting provides outplacement coaching for all levels of employment. Recruiting members may offer these services to their clients and broaden their ability to provide essential human resources services. 

Executive Outplacement   |   Leadership Outplacement  
Individual Offerings |    Group Solutions

Recruiting Talk  

Recruiters need other recruiters. The job is brutal, and learning on the job is expensive. High Touch Recruiting provides Recruiting Talk, a time to get together, exchange ideas, and create working relationships. 

High Touch Recruiting   |    Closing Assistance
|    Cyber Hug