Hello, I'm Barbara Goldman.


I am an executive leadership coach. I help recruiters weather the storm, deal with the stress, and succeed. 

With years of recruiting and executive leadership coaching under my belt; I help recruiters with their biggest problems: Stress, self-doubt, and fear.   

My Story


From candidate-paid fees to executive search, I have seen it all. Pre-internet information was expensive. The recruiter was paid because they networked and knew where people worked. Highly specialized and contingent, recruiters knew who was hiring, and who was discreetly interested in a new role. Interviews were obtained, not by resume, (snail mail took too long) but by candidate presentation over the phone. 

It was a time of dealmaking and fast hires. I loved it. 

When recruiting switched to the internet, many predicted the end of recruiting. "Why do you need a recruiter when the same information is available to everyone?"

Corporations began hiring and training their own recruiters, purchasing information, posting, and using every internet data tool available to fill positions without relying on recruiters. 

Today, everyone knows where everyone is. E-mail addresses, phone numbers, bios, it's all available to everyone. 

Instead of posting in local newspapers, the wall street journal, industry publications etc, Corporations list all openings for the world to see. Aggregators list the openings, anyone with Google can find openings on their own, without a recruiter. 

The result? 

Recruiters are everywhere. Look on LinkedIn. Run a search for recruiters. 

Even though we all have the same data, recruiting has flourished and grown. 

They Need Us