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Expanded Offerings 


High Touch Recruiting™ Expanded Offerings


Offer your clients an additional service: Executive Outplacement. 

Expand Recruiting Professionalism

Be part of this 2.5B industry that already serves your clients. 

We develop individual and corporate executive outplacement programs. 

Your clients need this service. Why not with you?

Approved members may offer outplacement at every level for every industry. 



Executive Leadership

From individual leadership to team coaching. Offer your clients a solution that few recruiting firms can offer. Leadership Coaching. 

Help your clients increase productivity, and manage growth.


Be the recruiting firm that offers real world retention and growth strategies. 

You do the recruiting, we'll do the rest. 

Stay ahead of your competition with expanded offerings. 

Available to approved members only.

You can't work with every candidate  you interview. Do you place one out of eight candidates? 

Help the people you can't place by offering Career Coaching

Increase income

Help everyone you meet. 

Offer a solution to candidate prep, and messaging. Help people without placing them. 


All programs are tailored to the candidate.


We do the work, you focus on the people you can help, the people your clients want to hire.   

Executive Career

Expand Your Expertise -  With High Touch Recruiting™

Executive Outplacement

Join a 5B Industry

Immediately offer High Touch Recruiting™ Executive Outplacement. 


Your bread and butter is recruiting. You are already recruiting for your clients.

Your clients currently use outplacement services. Stop leaving money on the table. Offer outplacement through High Touch Recruiting™ membership. Do nothing but schedule the appointment. We handle the rest.  

Outplacement is growing at a rate of 6.7% per year. 

The business is already there, all you do is refer. 

Immediate payment and commissions. 

Executive Leadership Coaching

Join an 11B Industry

Your clients employ leadership coaching tools and programs for various reasons.  Full executive leadership coaching for individuals and corporations. 

  • Culture Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Employee Engagement

  • Executive Stress

  • Executive Onboarding

  • Board Coaching

  • Messaging 

  • Executive Communication

  • Creating a coaching culture

  • Executive updates

  • On site coaching, training, and facilitating. 

Executive Leadership Coaching is growing globally. Business changes. Change is difficult. Whether in growth mode, or downsizing, companies engage with executive coaches to improve engagement and increase productivity. 

Career Coaching
The Exit Plan

A 15B dollar industry 

Out of every ten people that you interview, how many can you place? One? Two?

What happens to everyone else?

No matter how talented a candidate is, your client pays for what they want.  They don't want to promote anyone, train anyone, or stretch their specs. 

You worked hard to source 8 - 9 people that you can't place. Your clients pay you to find specific candidates. 

Now you can help everyone.

Help candidates, and create a passive income by offering The Exit Plan. 

Individually designed program, solid results. Most candidates find work within 60 - 90 days. 

Help people. Everyone.

Schedule the call, get paid. It's that simple. 

“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

You've chosen a profession that requires a high level of skill - a bit of luck - and tough skin. 

High Touch Recruiting™

Offer additional human resources services to your clients.

Human Resources is much more than recruiting. Your clients have requirements to fill that are beyond your specialty. 

Receive additional information about

Executive Outplacement

Executive Leadership Coaching

Career Coaching

HTR Recruiting Training

Tap into the larger market of human resources services. 


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