Calm the Chaos of Contingency Recruiting


Offer additional services. Relieve stress with additional income. Make every call count.  

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Contingency Recruiting is Stressful 

Reduce your stress with unique client offerings - capture market share - Protect your income

The Candidates You Don't Place

How many candidates do you place per month?

Provide valuable services to everyone. Be someone who can help, and increase your income. 

The Exit Plan

Add Outplacement Services

Offer outplacement services. Your clients currently work with outplacement firms, why not yours?


Add Onboarding Services 

Protect your fee by offering onboarding services to your client. 

Reduce fall-offs, and offer services that your employers desperately need


The Contingency Trap


How to Escape the Contingency Recruiting Trap and Prosper with Retained Consulting 

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